El Avión began its sweet-making activities in 1928 producing several types of toffees that have become a typical product of the Logroño area.

To meet growing market demands, boiled sweets especially balsamic sweets were added to the range, and the Sintox brand was created.

After these the Zako's, Dongy, Avión Vita C, Rocky and other brands were created as well as our range of marzipans and Fruits of Rioja specialities.

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The success of our sweets lies in the traditional artisan recipes we have conserved and improved over the years, guaranteeing a unique taste.

Dulces El Avión also has its own brand of chocolate. Following a traditional recipe, the best cocoa is selected and combined only with natural ingredients.

Dulces El Avión sweets are always a guarantee of excellend flavor and quality.